Video Interview: Remembering World War 2 (2021)

An interview with Alan Ayckbourn by Simon Murgatroyd M.A. recorded during April 2021 and held on the Ayckbourn YouTube Channel.

Big Ideas by the Sea: Interview with Alan Ayckbourn (2021)

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This interview with Alan Ayckbourn was conducted by his Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd M.A., at the playwright's home during April 2021. It looks at the playwright's memories of growing up during World War 2 and how it inspired his play, The Girl Next Door.

Simon Murgatroyd M.A.: 'This interview marked the first time Alan Ayckbourn had talked in-depth and on the record about growing up during the Blitz and the war years. It's a fascinating insight into his early life.'

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