Interview: Reader's Digest (November 1979)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

Alan Ayckbourn's Theatre Conquests

by Deborah Cowley

"I dislike writing so much that I get it over as quickly as possible."

"Interrupt tragedy and you'll often find comedy. Many situations that are devastating from the inside can be viewed from the outside as very funny."

"I choose universal themes. People everywhere are involved in relationships with other people - wives, mothers-in-law, neighbours. Situations like these ring bells in every country, east or west, communist or capitalist."

"Writing is a boring slog in the night. The real pleasure is in bringing the play to life on the stage with the actors."

"I aim to create recognisable human beings in familiar predicaments, so that people will understand each other better," he says.

"I want people to come out of my plays looking happy and saying, 'We've had a wonderful laugh.'"

Website Notes:
[1] In all probability, this was a 'cut and paste' article as all of Alan's quotes had previously appeared in other publications.