Interview: Daily Express (30 April 1975)

This interview was published in The Daily Express on 30 April 1975.

How Pinball Addict Alan Staged His Conquest Of The West End

by Victor Davis

"At any of my first nights you'll find me in the bar worrying about the next play. I tend to be a bit dull really. People have started to hope that I'll arrive on a diamond-studded bike and my accountant tells me I'd be quite justified in taking more taxis. I cope by not living at the rate I earn. I simply don't have time, what with work and being most of the time in Scarborough."

"I've devised a form of writing that is mostly broken sentences that only make sense when they are spoken. Until now no-one saw any literary merit in my scripts. But at last the miracle has occurred and a London publisher is to do
The Norman Conquests. Every author should have one bound volume of his own on his shelves, don't you think?"

"I was eight years an
actor with all the aspirations. The worst thing is to know you are not very good but carry on."

"Everything l've done in London has been bench-tested in Scarborough. I'm lucky to get such a cross-section of people coming up off the beaches. When the play gets to London I already know it Is going to work."

"My theatre compulsion is a funny love-hate thing. When I'm not working I'm more likely to go to the cinema. I have those gloomy moments when I say: 'Here we are playing at life when real life is going on outside.' I try to offset that by thinking that at least real life comes through the foyer doors each night. I just hope people go out feeling better than when they came in."

"Maybe that's what I am: a cheer-up merchant, the equivalent of a quick couple of aspirins."