Interview: Liverpool Echo (August 1976)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

The Man They're Calling The New Noël Coward

by Joe Riley

"My childhood was spent in Sussex. That's why I write like that. I think you're formed by the age of eleven. I can hear two Yorkshire ladies talking out here, but if I wrote them, they'd become two Southern ladies. Underneath the accents and underneath certain attitudes, there's very little difference between the middle class of Scarborough and the middle class of Liverpool or London."

"It's a rather cynical statement which says that if you're a person who so lacks imagination, and any feeling for your fellow men, and concentrate purely on the profit motive, then you'll probably finish up a very rich worldly success, but also be a very awful person. And if you're at all vulnerable or feeling, or at all weak in your relationships with people, you won't finish up very successful, although you'll be a nice person. What I'm really saying is Cursed are the Meek."

"I'm not politically anything really. I just write about people as I see them."