Interview: The Daily Mail (5 April 1979)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

What Drove Ayckbourn Into The Bedroom?

by Shaun Usher

"When I was working at the BBC, this chap started building a wardrobe in bis bedroom, a special gift for his wife. Well, like so many do-it-yourself activities, it started off as a shelf, actually…. But he was slow and enjoyed it no end. He could only work on it at nights, and wandered off into these grand ideas of walk-in cupboards and so on. Last heard of, the project was unfinished after five years and was disrupting the marriage."

"An extraordinary case was this couple I heard of who'd lie awake asking each other quiz questions about racing. Who won the 1947 Derby, that sort of thing."

"I used to be fond of reading aloud to a partner, but they tended to go to sleep on me, and it was terribly bad for my temper, that happening while I was declaiming so splendidly. So I gave it up."

"Over here, people watch television or play TV games in bed, have headboards with built-in stereo speakers - and a friend of mine swears that his lady friend plays backgammon all night... when not in the bath, with a floating edition of the game."