Interview: Peterborough Evening Telegraph (3 April 1980)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

Russian Roulette And Sandwiches

by Harold Hodgson

"The actual writing process rarely takes more than a week. It is an enormously exhausting business. I unplug all other functions." Formal meals go by the board. It's beans or toast gulped mid sentence."

"Drinking blurs my judgement. A cup of cocoa is the strongest thing I drink [whilst writing]."

"Although in my early plays I made mistakes which I now hope I no longer make, I find each successive play is harder to write. I suppose it is because I have narrowed my avenues for exploration. It is rather like being a motorist lost in a maze of city centre streets. I suddenly realise where I am and then I dance around saying 'I did this last time'."

"A lot of my plays touch on other areas anyway. I am very lucky to be able to write comedy. It is a gift and when you have it, you shouldn't turn your back on it."

"My aim is to make people think."