Interview: Yorkshire Evening Post (14 October 1980)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

The Stay-At-Home Star

by Anne Pickles

"I rarely go to my first nights in London. I am not a big city-animal and anyway I always think the National Theatre can manage without me - I'm needed here [in Scarborough]."

"I don't worry about money, I suppose that's the main difference. You can't be very grand in Scarborough. I've no Plutonium yacht or anything. I have a home here, I spend money on giving the odd party for the actors and I put money back into the theatre, which is how it should be."

"Originally I wanted to be a journalist or an
actor - both of which seemed glamorous at the time."

It was Stephen Joseph, Founder of Scarborough's Theatre in the Round, who persuaded Ayckbourn to try his hand at writing and at 19, the writer who later produced
The Norman Conquests, Absent Friends and Relatively Speaking penned his first work - a farce.

"Looking back it was a rash thing to start with but it earned me £47 and that seemed an enormous sum at the time."

Stephen Joseph died I was the nearest thing to a successor. What we have in Scarborough is a living theatre with a living, breathing company. The theatre is very much a part of the community and is supported well by the people here. Scarborough doesn't go to sleep or die in the winter. When the tourists go home the social side of Scarborough blossoms out. I wouldn't move from Scarborough now, my home is here, my theatre is here. I am part of Scarborough's community. Actually I was born in London but Yorkshire has adopted me or perhaps I adopted Yorkshire."