Interview: Daily Mail (15 November 1983)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

Lost For Words, An Author Who Beat The Bard

By Patrick O'Neill

"At the last count my plays had been translated into 23 languages, the latest being Cantonese, though I shudder to think what they sound like in Canton." he adds. Why are his plays more popular than Shakespeare's?

"Mine [plays], thank God, are not studied in schools, while his are turned into academic subjects. When people come to the theatre and see one of my plays, they know that in these dismal times they are guaranteed a little euphoria. I must admit that as I have developed, they have become spiced with something a little darker. If I have a gift, it is that I can make people laugh and also, I hope, make them think."

"It always amazes me that they [the plays] work as well on Broadway as they do in Scarborough."

"I am not Interested in the glamorous life. Here I am always reminded of the fact that it takes ten years to build up an audience, but only three minutes to lose it if you do the wrong thing."