Interview: Mail On Sunday (12 August 1984)

This interview was published in The Mail On Sunday on 12 August 1984.

Laureate Of Middle Class Life

by Kenneth Hurren

"It's something I [writing] dread. "I take a month to think about a play and have it clearly worked out in my mind before I start writing."

"I don't like the American theatrical milieu. Everything is so frenzied, the pressures are huge."

"All around me I see the tired marriages of my generation. People sticking it out at any cost, killing each other with unhappiness, trying to make it work."

"I'm not going to make any more lifetime promise. A promise for just a month is a lot more manageable. And it works. We keep renewing the contract. Marriage can lead to deadly complacency. A relationship based on total insecurity might be even worse. A shade of insecurity - say ten per cent is a good thing."