Interview: The Mercury (20 June 1981)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

Entertainingly Speaking

by Louise Brindley

"Music within drama is like a doorway to another dimension. It stretches time, is marvellous for soliloquies."

"I suppose most people must have come to Scarborough by accident, either on holiday or passing through on their way to somewhere else…."

"I came here [Scarborough] - hmmm - in 1957, because the job I'd been offered was so exciting. Over the years it has become absolutely central; terribly important. I live here ten months out of every year.''

"Running things here, directing other people's work, planning seasons, seeing to the artistic side of things, that's really my job. I'm not a very prolific writer, you know. Only one play a year, apart from a few odds and sods...."

"Writing a play is a bit like giving birth. Quite awful actually."

"Thank God P. G. Wodehouse never decided to become a great serious novelist. For me there is little I want to say that can't be said comically. The world needs its P. G. Wodehouses.''

"My plays are meant to be acted, if they make a jolly good read there's probably something wrong with them anyway."