Interview: Irish Times (22 January 1985)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

A Visit To The Theatre Magician Of Scarborough

by Carolyn Swift

"I try not to write about them [the people of Scarborough] too obviously - and they don't usually recognise themselves. I remember one woman saying to her husband: 'But my mother's not like that!' and he answered: 'Well, she is rather!' But the master of the local school recognised himself in Intimate Exchanges and quite enjoyed it In fact, he asked me who would be playing him in his London production." [1]

"My mother's mother was a well-known male impersonator. Lilian Morgan was her name - she was Welsh, of course - and she used to tour the English music halls."

"I've a lot of fun working out the technicalities [of staging plays] and that stops me becoming bored. And I couldn't write any play without knowing exactly how-it should be staged."

"I do everything in Scarborough first!"

Website Notes:
[1] There's possibly some transposition here as Alan Ayckbourn more frequently recalls it was a local councillor, Maurice Plows, who recognised himself in
Ten Times Table and asked who would play the part in London.