Interview: Daily Telegraph (17 November 1989)

The Revengers' Comedies

Gently Nurturing A Growing Audience

by Simon Cherry

"I think I'm trying to deal with the same dilemmas [in the family plays] as in the adult plays, but put more simply. I'm also trying to retain as much as possible the colour that I put into the adult plays That is. I would like them to cry a little - not too much - would like them to laugh, of course, and to be excited, and to be afraid, but not so they can't get to sleep. My ulterior motive is excite the children into coming back when they're 25, so I haven't got another lost generation saying, 'the theatre is something I don't understand".

"The best audiences we had last year were when mum and dad and the kids came. Sitting together in a large room is something that's getting rarer. We're all going to be sitting on the end of a fax machine. I was fantasising the other night that we would get married by fax. It could really be like we never see anyone. The theatre is one of the places where we draw people together to share an experience."