Interview: The Press (26 April 1997)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

House Of Love

by Charles Hutchinson

"Love is a subject that's never far away from our thoughts. This play [
Things We Do For Love] has come from my observation that we often save the best of ourselves, but also the worst of ourselves for the ones we fall in love with. For every happy couple coming together, there is often a jilted lover in the background; some betrayed husband or wife who has lost out."

"This is the first one [end-stage play] since
A Small Family Business in 1987, and I've written it deliberately with the McCarthy shape in mind. The set has three views of the three flats, and on the middle floor you can see all the people involved. This design gives you the opportunity for edited views - and for some steamy love scenes."

"Tthere's quite a lot of sex in this play, but not enough to turn your aunty away. It's more in the mind, which is the best place for it, I think."