Interview: The Press (16 October 2009)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

Day Of The Child

by Charles Hutchinson

"We [Alan and his stepbrother] got on terribly well because we were kids, but we came from completely different stock, and as we grew older we separated. I was interested in the arts; he was thinking about market gardening. He was thinking, 'Arts, that's for idiots'; I was thinking, 'Market gardening???'."

"I think people forget how quickly children assimilate things around them and take them all in. What Winnie does in
My Wonderful Day is chronicle everything around her, and it's cruelly accurate because children are."

"I got a very jaundiced view of men because my mother's views of men were pretty much unprintable and I've been influenced by that ever since. I think female disappointment ran through my blood pretty early in my life and I have to say I prefer women's company en bloc. If I was pushed to say who I wanted to share a desert island with, it would be a woman and not just for the obvious reason."

"My son and daughter-in-law call their son 'Little Alan' as he was very similar to the way I was as a young child. That watchfulness and that slightly introverted child, whose behaviour was brought about by not interacting with robust brothers and sisters when you had to fight for your supper. Instead I went off into an invented world where my toy soldiers had long conversations and stories with complex plots. It was the only way you could get a decent answer."