Interview: The Press (11 July 2003)

This page reproduces some of Alan Ayckbourn's significant quotes from the interview.

Saving Santa Costs Dearly

by Charles Hutchinson

"It's [
Sugar Daddies] a cautionary tale with undertones of Dr Faustus: do you sell your soul and how far do you sell it? Sasha is this girl from the country who has gone up to London for the first time to stay with her half sister, who , she's hardly met, having lived in with her parents in Norfolk in this idyllic place with the family tea shop. In rescuing Father Christmas, we have this unlikely relationship between Sasha and this man who's playing Father Christmas but isn't quite what he seems - as happens in many of my plays."

"This [
Sugar Daddies] is one of my character plays. I was fascinated by how long you could go with a relationship just to keep someone happy. Here you have two people in a fantasy relationship, and I'm looking at whether it will last, or destroy them and her in particular. Women are often attracted to powerful, unscrupulous, dangerous men, where you think 'My god, why are they doing that?', but these men have this aura about them, and so the women keep putting their hand in the fire."